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Protect Elementor Pro From SPAM Bots

SPAM Bots aren’t just interested in your WordPress comments.

If there’s a form to submit, they will try to submit it.

This includes forms that use the Elementor Pro WordPress plugin.

CAPTCHAs Suck! (And they often don’t work)

CAPTCHAs do a great job of ruining the visitor experience.

They can be buggy, causes Javascript form errors and ultimately lose you conversions or contacts from potential customers.

So why must we inflict them upon legitimate visitors?

Because until now, that’s the only option we’ve had for WordPress forms.

Shield’s exclusive AntiBot Detection Engine completely eliminates the need for CAPTCHAS, or any other bot prevention systems, that destory the User Experience.

With Shield’s unique Bot-Detection technology, you can deliver all Elementor Pro forms to your visitors without any captcha addons that frustrate your visitors, increase friction and lose your contacts and sales.

How Does Shield Affect Elementor Pro Forms?

See below the sample form that uses Shield’s AntiBot Detection Engine:

No captchas; No maths; No squiggly letters;

No CAPTCHAs on a form:

  • drastically improves the visitor experience
  • reduces potential for form/javascript errors when CAPTCHAs go wrong
  • increases customer conversions

Upgrade To ShieldPRO To Protect Your Elementor Pro Forms

Shield Security’s Elementor Pro integration/add-on is included with all ShieldPRO purchases.

If you want to improve your visitor and customer experience by removing CAPTCHAs and reduce SPAM to your site, upgrade to ShieldPRO today:

Get This Add-On For Elementor Pro On Your WordPress sites by upgrading to ShieldPRO:

  • Remove All (re)CAPTCHAs
  • Improved Visitor Experience
  • Increase Conversions
  • Reduce SPAM
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