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About Shield Security's PHP Malware Upload Tool

To read more about our MAL{ai} Malware Detection Engine, please read our blog post here.

Always Learning

Shield's MAL{ai} tool is an artificial intelligence PHP Malware Detection Engine that is always learning how to better detect PHP malware.

Will Assess Any Code

MAL{ai} doesn't rely on signatures to detect malware, so it can assess PHP code that it's never seen before.

Always Getting Smarter

Each time MAL{ai} receives PHP malware code, it gets smarter and will become ever more accurate at detecting the presence of PHP malware in code that it's never seen before.

It's Never 100% Accurate

Because MAL{ai} is a learning engine, it doesn't always get it right.

It's possible that it may tell you your file is malware, when it's actually clean, or tell you it's clean when it's actually malware.

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