Sucuri, as a WordPress plugin security option is a little bit different from the rest.

The free Sucuri WordPress plugin isn’t included in the chart below, but has even fewer features that the Pro version of the service since it doesn’t benefit from the Sucuri reverse proxy service.

Sucuri Pro operates primarily as a “reverse proxy”, not a WordPress plugin. This can be a little confusing, but if you’re familiar with CloudFlare, then it’s more recongniseable as an alternative to CloudFlare (though certainly not as powerful, in our opinon).

A reverse proxy is essentially service that sits between your website and your visitor. It takes on responsibility for receiving requests to your site, and if the requests are deemed to be viable, they are then passed on to your site. This allows them to mitigate certain types of attacks (like DDoS) more effectively than any WordPress plugin could ever hope to achieve.

That said, however, CloudFlare can do this for free, as well as many other things.

We have recommended CloudFlare for years and still do – we don’t put a website online without it. It’s difficult to compare Sucuri with Shield (or any other WordPress plugin) since they don’t serve the same needs. We’d recommend looking up comparisons of CloudFlare vs Sucuri, instead.

Sucuri is a registered trademark and our use of the term here doesn’t not imply or indicate any sort of relationship between Shield Security and Sucuri. There is none, whatsoever, and none is implied.