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Easy PRO Activation  
Exclusive Customer Support  
Revolutionary AntiBot Detection Engine (ADE)  
DoS Protection With Traffic Rate Limiting  
Restricted Security Admin Access  
Powerful Malware Scanner  
Tamper Protection For Critical Files  
Vulnerability Scanner  
Tamper Protection For Plugins & Themes  
Protection For Premium Plugins & Themes  
Delay Automatic Updates  
More Frequent Scans  
MainWP Software Extension  
Advanced WP-CLI Integration  
Import, Export and Sync  
White Label Security  
SPAM Detection For Contact Form Providers  
Bot Detection For Custom User Forms  
WooCommerce and Membership Sites  
Fully Automatic IP Blocking  
Powerful Bot Detection Heuristics  
Detect Brute Force Login Bots  
Detects Fake Web Crawlers  
User & Visitor Auto Unblock  
Advanced 2FA & MFA Login Protection  
Two-Factor Authentication Remember Me  
Custom 2FA & MFA Pages  
Invisible CAPTCHA and Themes  
Hide The WordPress Login URL  
Login Backup Codes  
Advanced Password Policies  
WordPress User Suspension  
WordPress SPAM User Registrations  
Firewall Blocks Malicious Requests  
Detect and Block Human SPAM  
Block 100% Bot Comment SPAM  
Auto – Trust Commenters  
Advanced Security Headers  
Custom Content Security Policies  
Tamper Protection For WordPress Core Files  
Unrecognised Files Detection  
Abandoned Plugin Detection  
Disable XML-RPC & Anonymous REST API  
Block Username Fishing  
Disable WP File Editing  
Auto-Clean WP Files  
Full Activity Log – Monitor All Site Activity  
Full Traffic Log And Request Monitoring  
IP Management And Analysis Tool  
User Sessions Management  
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Shield Security: Protection and the disbled community.

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Love this plugin!

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One of the only free Yubi-key options

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Easy to use!


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