Wordfence is the most downloaded WordPress security plugin to-date, and it certainly does some things well. But being first to market doesn’t mean you’re the best fit for everyone.

Shield Security was originally born of the frustration with security plugins in how they badly disrupted WordPress sites.

We saw a need for an alternative security plugin that didn’t offer features because they looked good in marketing materials. Instead we wanted security features that every-day WordPress admins needed to ensure their WordPress sites were covered from many different angles.

We also recognised that there was too much reliance on email alerts to manage security incidents.

Nobody with more than a few WordPress sites has time for incessent email alerts. We’re all very busy. Instead, we believe that most WordPress security incidents should be handled by the security plugin itself and logged, so that the admin could, at a later date, review the activity and actions taken.

Smart Automation has been one of our guiding principles and we believe that this is where Shield Security outshines its alternatives and competitors, particularly Wordfence.

We should make it absolutely clear, that Wordfence is a registered trademark and our use of the term here doesn’t not imply or indicate any sort of relationship between Shield Security and Wordfence. There is none, whatsoever, and none is implied.