Shield Security Pro Features

Revolutionary AntiBot Detection Engine (ADE)

Stop Bad Bots And Reduce Their Security Impact On Your Site And Resources

Identify bad bots vs all your other "good" traffic (humans + good bots) without using those annoying CAPTCHAs or “I’m a human” checkboxes.

With our revolutionary AntiBot Detection Engine (ADE) technology we can better detect bad bots and eliminate more bot traffic from your WordPress site, including comment SPAM, contact form SPAM, login/registration bots, and checkout bots.

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Bot Detection and Protection

Accurate Detection and Protection against malicious bots. Since bots are the primary mechanism for attacks, reliable detection is critical to protection.

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Brute Force Protection

Brute Force Protection features prevent many different forms of attack on a site, including credential stuffing, Dictionary (Password) Attacks, Reverse Brute Force Attack, DoS attacks,

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All features included with ShieldFREE WordPress plugin

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